The amazing journey of “ThisIsRey3Rocco” (Alessandro Reitano and Alessandro Rocco) kicks off in the lively heart of small clubs in Catania back in 2013 when they were just young music enthusiasts bonded by a shared love for beats.

Eager to share their musical creativity with the world, they decided to team up and create a project that would take them far beyond the borders of their hometown. Perfecting their mixing and production skills, they crafted a unique style that has become the hallmark of their presence in the music scene.

From thrilling gigs in local clubs, their star rose quickly, leading them to explore and conquer the stages of the most prestigious festivals across Sicily. Among the countless milestones in their career, the “One Day Music Festival” stands out, which is an event where their catchy energy enchanted the crowd and captured the attention of the entire music scene.

This tireless duo continues to climb the peaks of success, day after day, with a determination that reflects their commitment to the dream that drives them. In the constant anticipation that this dream becomes a reality, “ThisIsRey3Rocco” keeps shaping the music landscape with their overwhelming passion and the guarantee to thrill listeners in every performance. We’re just at the beginning of an extraordinary artistic adventure led by two talents who promise to redefine the future of music.